Monday, January 31, 2011

Gallery: Samurai Warriors Chronicles (3DS)

Omega Force's first 3DS title is of course, an entry in the long-running Mousou franchise and yup, it's packing pretty much everything that makes the series just plain fun into Nintendo's powerful new little handheld. As these screens and two excellent videos show, the console-quality graphics and dynamic gameplay fans of the series have come to expect are definitely here in full force.

Yes, certain popular media outlets will probably automatically dislike the game, as is their editorial prerogative in this era of overly jaded critique. However, calling fans of these games "brain dead" or worse is a wee bit too insulting, I'd say. EVERY game these days doesn't need to be "innovative" to be pure fun, that's for sure. Of course, ignoring the more annoying critics and forging on ahead is just what's kept the franchise going for so long in so many different incarnations for so long. Go Koei Tecmo!

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