Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year! Er, Wait... Where The Heck Did LAST Year Go?

Yikes, last year went by FAST. Well, given that I was out of action for a good part of early to mid 2010, the second half of the year was pretty busy and mostly productive on a few fronts. I'm still planning to catch up on/complete and post some old reviews just to have them in the database here (which will be updated with its own search function at some point) along with some other cool stuff.

Amusingly enough, all I did most of yesterday was finally finish up two games I'd started a while ago and happened to find saves for while clearing some stuff off my hard drive. That's a screen from The Chosen: Well of Souls to the left, a single-player action RPG that's not quite the Diablo rip-off you'd think. Awful voice acting aside (except for the guy doing the final boss), it's a pretty long and tricky bit of hack 'n slash with some nicely varied stylized environments and some interesting tweaks to the usual formula. Not "Game of the Year" material, mind you, but developer Rebelmind sure knows how to make a decent chase & chop. Anyway, here's to a wildly amazing 2011 packed FULL of great games, new tech to play with and yup, more stuff to give away when I can swing it. Hang on and keep us bookmarked, folks - it's going to be a really interesting year...

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