Saturday, January 8, 2011

Gallery: Warriors: Legends of Troy

Koei Canada has been "quietly" working away on a very interesting twist to the long-running Sengoku Mousou franchise, Warriors: Legends of Troy, set to storm onto the PS3 and Xbox 360 across North America on March 8, 2011 (3/25/11 in the UK). On first glance, the game has the makings of the more familiar Dynasty Warriors series, a good thing for fans of the series who want more. However, the combination of Greek and Roman "historical" and mythological elements plus copious amounts of blood (and the Mature rating that comes with it) should give this one enough potential to draw in fans of everything from Spartan: Total Warrior, God of War, 300 and Showtime's awesomely gory Spartacus series. The grittier visual style here is in direct contrast to Omega Force's work (as you'll see in the latest Dynasty Warriors 7 screens), but this more realistic route fits the brutal hack & slash gameplay all the more.

E3 2010 Trailer:

The small cast of playable characters (eight total spread across two storylines) and more serious tone should help boost the game a bit among those that feel the DW games are packed with "too much" content. Granted, what's here probably won't be a quickie weekend rental either, but the focus on telling a solid story (at least that's how it looks in the trailer above) should give the game replay value if it clicks with the target audience. While the more jaded critics out there will probably stomp all over the game's "repetitive" aspects, I'm going to give it a fair shake, as I'm a fan of the genre who appreciates any game as long as it's well made. Besides, who doesn't like a game with the ability to play as Spartans or Trojans (especially when there's no football or big-headed costumed mascots involved)?

2009 Trailer screen caps:

2009 in-progress screens:

Updated screens (1/7/2011):

Concept Art

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