Monday, January 3, 2011

Now Playing (Catch Up Version)

It might be a slow week for you folks dragging back to work or school after the holidays, but I've been busy working on a bunch of stuff, including polishing up and posting a few old reviews I mentioned a little while ago. In the meantime, I'm also getting around to a few (sort of) current releases such as Disney Epic Mickey, Namco Museum Megamix and a few other games I had queued up near the TV during the holiday crunch. I was thinking about making some Game of Last Year picks (a little in-joke there), but I'm still mixed on the idea of "best-of" lists, as they tend to ignore too many otherwsie excellent games in favor of being popularity contests.

For instance: how many of you guys and gals have played Din's Curse, Avernum 6, Plane Weaver, Amnesia: the Dark Descent, Alice in Wonderland (DS), Deadly Premonition, Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, Dementium II, or Y's Seven? Now, those aren't all the games I'd add to my own "best of" list (which would have at least 50 titles on it, in case you're wondering), but it's just why most GOTY lists that ignore offbeat, well-made games such as these stink. Anyway, back to the salt mines... I've got games to finish playing!

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