Thursday, January 20, 2011

Earth Defense Force Insect Armgeddon Update: New Screens + Pesticide Gun!

Where previous EDF games have similar acid-spewing or other weapons based on alien technology (which meant you couldn't reload them once you ran out of ammo, grrrr!), I like the all-new Pesticide Gun variants as well as the BIG explosions seen in these latest EDFIA screens (they almost look like a mini Genocide Gun with that blinding light). Go, Vicious Cycle! Spring is just around the corner and I'm pretty psyched about the final version (and still hoping we see some more surprises in terms of bonus materials). If you've been following this one from the beginning, you can see that the game is really shaping up nicely and should be quite a blast to play online or offline.

Note to D3: You ARE planning to get EDF 2 Portable out here in the US as well (on UMD and PSN, of course!)? Say YES and I'll be sure to tell too many people to buy the game. Hell, I'll go buy a few extra copies, for that matter!

Screens and details on the Pesticide Gun series can be found below the jump. I'll post the new game footage once D3 posts it on YouTube (as I'm away from a high-speed connection for a few days)

Pesticide Gun Details:

The Pesticide Guns do a massive amount of damage over a large radius.

They are Tier 8 Weapons meaning you have to do some serious earth protecting to earn these.

These guns have one shot reload for each of them.

Pesticide Cannon – Goes with the Trooper Armor

Pesticide Mortar – Goes with the Battle Armor

Pesticide Missile – Goes with the Tactical Armor

Pesticide Rifle – Goes with the Jet Armor

More EDFIA images and such to come - stay tuned...

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