Monday, January 10, 2011

Ys I & II Chronicles Gets Extra GameStop Pre-Order Extras (Thanks, Xseed!)

Xseed Games wants YOU to jump feet first onto the Ys I & II Chronicles bandwagon, so they've gone and done a great bit of pre-order coolness with GamrStop locations across the US. Slap down a deposit on the upcoming PSP game, follow the instructions below the jump and BOOM! Your choice of one of three excellent items will wing itself your way courtesy of Xseed! And yup, I get to post that hilarious Hair Metal trailer again, to boot!

Get that wallet out NOW and support Xseed!

Just in case you missed our Facebook announcement on Friday, in addition to all launch units of Ys I & II Chronicles being the special "Hair Metal Pack" which includes a bonus soundtrack CD within a larger foil box at the same $29.99 price, we also announced a special deal with our friends at GameStop where anyone in the US who pre-orders from GameStop (in stores or online) between the dates of 1/7/11-1/14/11 will get a choice of ONE of the following three items:

1) Ys Artbook

2) Ys SEVEN soundtrack CD

3) Ys: The Oath in Felghana soundtrack CD

This is a chance for everyone who missed out on our previous Limited Edition packages to get a taste of the goodness they missed out on. And just in case you need more convincing, GameStop is now offering the LE versions of Ys SEVEN and Ys: The Oath in Felghana at the same price as their regular editions- but only for a limited time, so snag your copies while you still can!

How to Collect Your Bonus: 1) Pre-order Ys I & II Chronicles at any GameStop location in the US or through their online store. 2) E-mail a copy of your pre-order receipt from GameStop dated from 1/7/11 to 1/14/11 to and include your mailing address and the item of your choice in the body of the e-mail - it's that easy!

* Offer only valid to residents of the US.

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