Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sega to Release Dreamcast Collection on Xbox 360, Windows PC

Well, alright (with a minor gripe) - Sega is tapping back into its Dreamcast library and will release a collection of four classics for the system as both a retail packaged disc for the Xbox 360 and a digital download for Windows PC. The simply titled Dreamcast Collection will be available on February 25, 2011, in Europe and February 22 in North America and feature Sonic Adventure, Crazy Taxi, Sega Bass Fishing and Space Channel 5. According to the press release, both versions will have enhanced graphics while only the 360 version will have Achievements as well as online leader board support.
“The Dreamcast console is still remembered as a pioneering console for online gaming,” commented Gary Knight, VP of Marketing at SEGA of America and SEGA Europe “We are delighted to be able to offer to our large community of dedicated fans a collection such as Dreamcast Collection for them to enjoy old favorites on this Xbox 360 and Windows PC."
True... but none of those games in this collection were online enabled in terms of gameplay as far as I remember (he said, looking at his DC collection). That and, for the love of Knuckles... why no PS3 version?

Heck, with a decent reprogramming job, Sega Bass Fishing would be perfect as a Move enabled game and I could also see Ulala get the Kinect treatment and perhaps Move support some of those stages in SC52 (or heck, Samba De Amigo, which SCREAMS for a Move-enabled version [with a 3D option] for the maximum trippy freak-out in a musical game required by law).

In any event, I'm hoping we see more of these collections, but a bit more focused on specific genres. Heck, I'd LOVE to see a Sega-themed Racing Collection (Sega GT, Ferrari F355, Daytona), maybe a few action/shooters (House of the Dead II, Outtrigger, Zombie Revenge), Maybe give us import fans a tickle by slapping some Sega-published "bullet hell" shooters onto a disc or stuff that never got a US release on the console such as Rent-A Hero # 1 and so forth and so on. I just so happen to have a small Dreamcast library here PLUS a build of the US Xbox version of Rent-A-Hero (I tend to keep review code, amateur game historian and longtime Sega nut that I am).

While I'm sure the Shenmue fans are filling Sega's inbox with requests for a big, fat compilation as well, I'd REALLY love to see Phantasy Star Online 1 & 2 get the HD treatment and upgraded at some point down the road (but that's another subject altogether, given today's online gaming scene). As for other collections... er, Sega... three instant big (and non-Dreamcast) sellers for you to consider buffing up into HD: Panzer Dragoon Collection (all four games PLUS PD Mini), Shining Force Collection I (Genesis, Game Gear, Saturn - including localized versions of part III PLUS the Premium Disc content), Shining Force Collection 2 (all the PS2 games, plus throw Burning Rangers onto the disc just for the heck of it).

Oh, what the heck - Maybe even Shining In the Darkness, Shining the Holy Ark and Shining Wisdom just for the whole saga (if they can manage to make people forget that Shining Soul and a few other Shining were on the GBA and need theor own collection one day!) and toss Time Stalkers on the disc because not enough people bought it the first time out. Sega, I'm full of ideas...

Anyway, enough wishful thinking on my part- screens below!

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