Friday, December 10, 2010

Bastion Trailer: Supergiant Is One More Indie Dev To Watch...

Supergiant Games' upcoming Bastion is the sort of game I'd pay good money for if it came in a boxed retail version. Sadly, like far too many indie games this generation, this gorgeous, innovative RPG looks as if it'll only see the light of day as a digital download. Sure, that's absolutely peachy for folks who can go that easy, breezy DLC route on PC and console formats, but some games (and particularly great-looking games such as this) should be available for the masses in as many (legal) forms as possible (grrrr, end of non-rant). Anyway, ogle the trailer above and keep a eye peeled for what's looking to be one of 2011's indie games. My radar is pointed in your general direction, Bastion... don't let me down!

(Great, now I'm talking to as yet unreleased indie games...where's my medicine?!)

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