Thursday, December 23, 2010

Stuff I'm Just Getting To Looking At: The Thor Trailer

Actually, I got to see a tiny bit of the game an some excellent concept art at this year's New York Comic-Con, but no pictures of the tiny sliver of game footage could be photographed or filmed. Yeah, yeah, you can make all the God of War jokes you care to, but hey, at least Thor isn't going the Superman game route. The God of Thunder has his powers intact and it looks like players won't be forced through hoops or rescuing kitties in what's looking to be a mighty fun experience. The game is definitely coming along nicely in my book (with a May 2011 launch planned) and between this and Captain America: Super Soldier, shows Sega is back on the right track as far as their Marvel Comics games go. Speaking of Cap, I actually DID write up a preview of THAT game, but it was one of the ones that vanished along with that USB drive I'm on the hunt for. Must have been the Red Skull at work, grrrr...

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