Friday, December 24, 2010

Didn't Get The Game You Want? Grab Tyrian 2000 For FREE From! is one of the greatest gamer gift-giving websites currently operating today thanks to their love for the PC classics and the means to get them up and running for sale as single or multiple pack deals at incredible prices. Part of their holiday promotion is releasing Tyrian 2000 (one of the best vertical scrolling arcade shooters ever made, I'd say) for FREE to any and all who have accounts (which are also FREE). All you need to do is drop on by, sign up and BOOM, the game is yours. the download is a tiny 10MB and you can also grab the soundtrack separately (an extra 128MB on your hard drive). I'm guessing that sound I hear is the servers collapsing thanks to the traffic I just sent there... or maybe not.

Hmmm... might have been Santa hitting the side of a building (oops)...

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