Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lost & Found (And More Work, Too!)

Whee. After a big hard drive crash a few years back, I'd been storing articles in progress, reviews and a few interesting game or story ideas on either portable USB drives or SD cards, but of course, I managed to screw that otherwise reliable storage method up somehow. A few months back, one of the cards I was using for a LOT of DAF stuff suddenly failed to read (nooooo!) and I misplaced one of the USB sticks while traveling around (well, I couldn't find the darn thing no matter where I looked). Anyway, I'd kept that old card around a few days back, happened to pop it into my camera to see if there were any photos that could be recovered. *Boom!* no decent pics (well, some ebay items I'd sold off last year) but I DID see a load of text files now free from their digital prison. Looks like I'll be spending the holidays polishing up and posting some old to recent reviews. I'm still on the hunt for that USB drive as it has even MORE articles and ideas plus some PC game data I wasn't planning on losing (ha ha)...

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