Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ys I & II Chronicles "Hair Metal" Trailer + Soundtrack Bonus Prove A Point...

Ys I & II Chronicles is coming on February 15, 2011, but Xseed Games wants you to start the party NOW. Dig the rockin' trailer above and pre-order the limited edition "Hair Metal Pack" and get your head-bangin' on while those classic game tunes (you may or may not remember depending on your age) are wailing away. Awe-some! Yup, Xseed is adding a CD soundtrack packed full of classic Ys tunes to the RETAIL version of the game ONLY. Oh, SNAP. Take that, digital downloads! Go Xseed!! (and nope, I'm not being sarcastic... some things are just better in a big ol' box and CD case).

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