Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sony Sure Knows How To Throw A Holiday Party...

There was a lot of stuff to cover at the event, but some of the nicer surprises are embargoed for a few days. Nope, there wasn't a PSP2 or PSPhone to be seen (or heard about) at the event, but throw a stone and you'd hit a great game surprise or someone playing something pretty damn cool. Media Molecule, Guerrilla Games and Evolution Studios folks are great to chat with and make me think of setting up forums on the site just to get their input. For now, my creatively constructive to creatively cranky comments on the industry show up on a few industry news sites where other developers and journalists post so as not to have too many rabid debates here.

Like the sweet Killzone 3 book? Sony was laser-burning whatever text attendees wanted into nice leather journals featuring some key 2011 titles and I chose Guerrilla's upcoming shooter as my pick for the DAF branding. Wish I had a dozen of each to give away on the site, but you'll have to do with ogling that photo for now.

Below the jump is a quick rundown* on what I can talk about images to come in a gallery update this weekend (*well, part one of a quick rundown, as I'm dead tired from a long day and am about to keel the hell over):

The upcoming Ico/Shadow of the Colussus Collection is absolutely beautiful and yes it truly ROCKS in 3D. Those frame rate issues in the originals have been taken care of, the more polished visuals look spectacular and again, the 3D effect is equally subtle and awesome in both games' indoor and outdoor maps. This one's a must-buy whether or not you've played the originals.

Playstation Move Heroes is getting surprisingly more awesome in the latest build. This isn't a bunch of quickie kid-friendly mini-games you'll be over and done with in a mere two or so hours. Over 60 levels await in some gorgeously rendered worlds, the level of challenge rages from simple to hardcore and overall, the game is truly shaping up to be one of 2011's definitive Move titles. Go buy that Navigation Controller if you haven't already done so - the game is a lot more fun with both hands doing something fun...

Dead Space 2's multiplayer mode was here, playable and a totally gory blast against other live players at the event and somewhere online wherever the testers were camped out. The two maps shown were deadly and fit the look of the single player game perfectly. Alternating playing as a human engineer and an assortment of nasty Necromorphs made for quite a unique take on the usual multiplayer versus shoot-fests, as each alien has a different (and all too effective) means of attack. Until Left 4 Dead makes it to the PS3, this might be the next best thing for those looking for a scary chunk of gory run 'n shoot action online.

Outland is anaother brilliant surprise, a visually stylish side-scrolling action/platformer with nods to bullet hell shooters such as Ikaruga and high-action arcade games such as Contra or Midnight Resistance with a dash of Bionic Commando for good measure. The game looks fantastic and has super-fluid controls, making it highly accessible yet extremely challenging. Hell, this is the sort of game I'd shell out $50 for if it were on a cartridge or CD. As a PSN-only download, it'll be available for far cheaper than that as soon as it's ready for its public debut.

For sanity's sake, I've made a serious determination to NOT touch Little Big Planet 2 until it actually ships, but I've spent way too much time watching others play the game (or attempt to at press events) and can confirm it's going to be a HUGE success. This one is SO packed full of content that trying to get in some creative time at a too-short press event (which for me, means at least a few hours solid of tinkering with everything) is nuts. Media Molecule has cooked up what's looking to be the ultimate toy box for user-generated game creation, so get your ideas down on paper and keep an ear to the ground as I'm sure SCEA has plans for you would-be game idea gurus out there...

Part two later today, I'm off to bed!

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