Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Earth Defense Force 2017 Now Available On Xbox Live (Finally!)

I was wondering when D3Publisher was going to answer the call of the wild ones who either sold off or traded their copies, missed out on Sandlot's superior sleeper or just want to play what all the fuss is about. Having played and beat the disc version to death and beyond a few years back, I'll re-review the downloadable version shortly and see if it's still as addictive as ever. in addition to the Xbox Live Games On Demand relaunch, D3 is looking to draw in fans old and new by reviving the EDF 2017 website.

Sadly, there's no news of a PS3 port of 2017 any time soon, but I'm hoping D3 has plans to introduce western gamers to the two previous games in the series in the form of the PAL versions of the game (Monster Attack and Global Defence Force). While PSN would be the best format for some EDF fans, I'm also hoping (memo to D3: DO this for the fans!) the games are added to the Earth Defense Force Insect Armageddon Blu-Ray disc for those who don't yet have PSN accounts. Hell, there's more than enough space on that format to fit the localized versions, that's for sure...

In case you haven't played EDF before, it's a fantastic chunk of run 'n gun arcade action that's surprisingly deep and incredibly long in terms of netting the game's small amount of achievements. 53 levels, completely destructible structures in the outdoor maps, split-screen co-op (no online play, sorry!) Over 150 weapons to collect and some of the toughest difficulty spikes (in solo play particularly) you'll ever see await those daring with twenty bucks in hand. Trust me, the experience is worth twice the price, folks...

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