Friday, December 17, 2010

New Dynasty Warriors 7 Screens (You KNOW You Want To Look...)

It's OK... admit it, you're a secret (or not so secret) Dynasty Warriors fan who's learned to ignore the harshly jaded critics out there and keeps buying and playing every game in the franchise (and its spin-offs) from start to finish because it's become the digital equivalent of mom's mac & cheese for you. Those long 60-plus hour campaigns with all those unlockable characters plowing through packs of enemies as kill counts are racked up in the thousands? Yeah, that's you, all bleary-eyed and smiling into your coffee on a Monday morning not bragging about hunkering down indoors for three days straight while your work buddies are babbling all about that Friday night hottie that gave them a kick to the groin after yet another bad pickup line. They fail and revel in it like the foolish lemmings they are, while you continue to win, win and win (and how!).

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes (*ahem*). Go on, you KNOW you want to peek at this latest pack of screens and renders Koei Tecmo stuffed in my inbox before slipping away stealthily into the night air. KT wants you to, Omega Force CERTAINLY wants you to and you KNOW you want you to. So go on... I won't tell. PS3 and Xbox 360, release date TBA, more screens and such to come - stay tuned...

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