Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Return of ROSE Online! (Well, It Didn't Actually REALLY Go Away)

Ah, Nostalgia! I reviewed the super-cute entry-level fantasy MMO ROSE Online about five or so years back for another gaming site that's long dead and found it to be very cool and quite a bit of fun at the time. Since then, Gravity has revamped the visuals a bit, retooled the game model from a per month fee to FREE to play and is looking to revive interest in it with a big media push. While my own time for MMO's is pretty much over and done with (way too many other projects cooking here!), don't let that stop you from giving ROSE a shot, particularly if you're not a total slave to the WoW juggernaut.

Game info and a few screens below the jump.


The 7 worlds of ROSE are in danger from the evil will of the dark god Hebarn. The citizens can do nothing to save themselves from the robed saboteurs that are spreading discontent across the peaceful world of Junon. They hope and pray to the patron hero Deity of Junon and his lover Arua, the mother of all worlds, for protection. The gods are careful not to intervene directly in worldly affairs or else the universe could be undone. As hope fades, Arua¹s love grows. Weaving her love into her newest creation, strange visitors with no past and an epic future begin to appear on the planet Junon Polis. The strange visitors are ROSE¹s only hope for preventing catastrophic destruction at the hands of Hebarn and his minions. Will you wake and answer Arua¹s call to save ROSE and begin your epic journey?


* Multiple characters to choose from

* Character growth opens class choices and stats
* Beautifully crafted gear and weapons
* Socketing system adds bonus stats to equipment
* Big game world to play with friends

* P.A.T. (Personal Auto Transport) system for character transportation

* Union Factions which includes PvP and Union vs Union battles

Release Date: December 2005

Platform: Online Download PC
Format: 3D Action

ESRB Rating: E (10+)

Language: English

Players: Multplayer Online

Genre: Fantasy/Action MMORPG
Price: Free

Developer: Gravity Interactive

Minimum System Requirements
OS-Windows XP or newer
CPU ­ Intel Pentium III 800MHz or equivalent
Memory ­ 128MB RAM
Hard Disk ­ 2G after installation
Monitor Resolution ­ VGA ­ 800x600 or higher
Sound Card ­ GeForce2 MX 400/Radeon 7000/higher
Internet ­ 56K or faster
DirectX ­ 9.0c

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