Thursday, December 2, 2010

Disney Epic Mickey Launch Event Photo Gallery

Hey, I'm no star-chasing paparazzi, folks - just an creaky old gamer with a crappy digital camera. I just point and shoot that crappy camera in the general direction of smiling people and try to get good enough shots to post. Submitted for your approval, perusal or whatever - here are a bunch of pics taken at the Times Square Disney Store during the Epic Mickey launch. I'll also note that Kyle Massey is pretty funny in person and both Warren Spector and Peter David are two of the nicest guys you'll ever meet, period.

P.S. Jennifer Grey is cute as a button and can probably fit into your coat pocket, but let's not tell her I said that!

By the way, don't mind the 2006 date stamp on the first bunch of photos. I'd changed the batteries just before arriving at the Disney Store and forgot to reset the date until later in the event - Oops! Well, considering I stayed up all night and left my place just after 5am, it's the only major mistake I made that day.

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