Friday, December 10, 2010

WIN FREE STUFF!!! Disney Epic Mickey Swag Up For Grabs!

Well, heeeeeeeere we go again! I'm in the holiday spirit, it is indeed the holidays and that means YOU want FREE stuff, right? From now until the end of the month, I'll be running Friday giveaways of game-related gear, mostly featuring items you won't find in stores. First up, a twofer: I've ONE Disney Epic Mickey Jacket (size XL) and ONE Disney Epic Mickey Oswald the Rabbit T-shirt (size XL, with a Epic Mickey Ears Cloisonne Pin) in need of two good homes!

Here's the chance for two lucky NEW readers to nab some awesome Epic Mickey swag. To enter. all you need to do is sign up as a DAF follower and cross your fingers. Maybe even grab a few gaming friends and have them hop on board the DAF bandwagon while you're at it... Hey, I can't grow without new readers and I'll do what I have to to get them (well, within legal means, of course).

Here's how it works: Once I've got at least 50 followers, I'll draw ONE entry for the T-shirt and Cloisonne Pin combo from that list of new folks. At 50 MORE followers (or once we reach 100 followers), I pick another name from the entire listing and that person gets the jacket. Yes, you need a Gmail account PLUS an actual US address so I can send you your stuff (sorry, folks up North in Canada or out of the country!).

While a mere one hundred new readers may be a small goal, hey - a milestone is a milestone (and each one is yet another stepping stone on the way to DAF's world domination plans, mua-ha-ha-haaaa!)

I'm actually going to keep this contest open until at least those legendary100 new followers have signed up, but those of you current readers who want in on the swagness aren't COMPLETELY out of the loop! You can enter to win next week's contest (which will feature a REALLY nice bit of Sony-related swag) or one of the future giveaways I'll run on random Fridays. Stick around for more details plus a few interesting developments in the coming months.


NO PURCHASE NECESSARY - CONTEST OPEN TO US RESIDENTS ONLY. Must have a currently active Gmail address/account as well as reside at an actual address within the 50 states to register and win. Prizes are provided as FREE and have no cash value (unless you resell them on ebay, you bum!), so you've no need to worry about taxes. Prizes will be sent to winners via the addresses provided or linked to their Gmail accounts. ONE entry per person/PC/email address/street address. Prizes will be mailed out via USPS (Parcel Post or Priority Mail) within 7 days after the contest closes. Winners will be contacted via email and have 3 days to respond or another winner will be chosen. Winners must agree to allow their names (first initial, last name or first name/first initial of last name) and locations (City, State) to be used in order to claim their prize(s).

By registering as a DAF Follower, you'll get nothing but unbiased reviews and generally a lot less useless stuff than found on other game websites. We don't try to be the FIRST to review games (and the collective We, meaning ME can't cover every single title, but that's subject to change as we grow in size thanks to you) but we do review them FAIRLY. Stop reading this and enter, already!

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