Thursday, September 30, 2010

3DS Dated for Japan (2010), US (2011), Specs Listed (Just Bring On The GAMES!)

Yeah, yeah. Here's a nifty Gamasutra article with the 3DS specs as well as another with Japanese launch info, but if you ask me, I could care less about the specs. I just want to see the darn thing and a bunch of games I can sit down play with at a Nintendo event before getting my grubby paws on one I can take home. Yes, I'm shameless, but hell, I don't spit out good reviews based on freebies and I'm certainly no celebrity who's going to pose and shill in public and not give a crap about the 3DS once the cameras shut off. As long as developers get to make the best games they can for the handheld, I'm a supporter. Once the crap shovelware hits (and it will - some folks will buy anything in 3D!), I'll stick around, but I'll be a meanie when I need to be.

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