Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Capcom's New DmC Makes Fanboys Cry At TGS 2010

Personally, I think it's awesome, this great teaming up of super-talented developer Ninja Theory and Capcom's demon-killing anti-hero. However, if you read a few too many message boards over the last few hours since the reveal, it's as if Capcom went around stabbing puppies with a ballpoint pen. On fire, yet.

Anyway, babies... please get over it already. It's a YOUNG Dante this time out, thus the lack of white hair. Smart gamers know that Ninja Theory can make some incredible games (Heavenly Sword was one of the great early PS3 must-haves and Enslaved: Journey to the West is spectacular from what I got to play of it), so what's the problem here?

Why these ADD-afflicted yappers and their endless jaded pessimism won't shut up and at least wait for a playable demo is beyond me. Everyone is entitled to an opinion until they're proven wrong. You can't know what the game is like until you've PLAYED it, but I'm one of those guys that trusts a dev team that's 2 for 2 and a publisher that's willing to take risks and surprise its fan base with spectacular smashes. And besides, a relaunch of the franchise that shows Dante wasn't born a white-haired bad-ass is a smart move. Babies with white hair are frightening.

Actually, Asura' Wrath is even more frightening, but in a creatively insane, really good way. Sometimes, Capcom just plain rocks nine out of seven days a week.

Now Capcom... About that multi-platform HD remake of the Mega Man Legends games you're supposed to be working on... let's get that ball rolling, puh-leeeze.

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