Wednesday, September 15, 2010

TGS 2010: EA Reveals Shadows of the Damned (or: SUDA 51 + Mikami + Yamaoka = Instant Horror/Action Classic)

Electronic Arts' EA Partners branch has been exceptionally busy lately working with developers across the globe in order to bring gamers the best experiences across as many platforms as possible. There are a bunch of wickedly cool games coming your way, including what's looking to be a truly dark and twisted action/horror game from grasshopper manufacture/Suda 51 and Shinji Mikami featuring music by Akira Yamaoka. There's a big, honkin' EA press release to pore over below along with five early screen shots for Shadows of the Damned that show of some nicely detailed character models and excellent color usage.

I did get a chuckle from speaking with a fellow editor about the the game's plot outline, though. There was an offhand remark made about Suda-san either not hearing of EA's Dante's Inferno or perhaps he'd actually played the game and thought it needed "more grasshopper!" Eh, you had to be there to appreciate the joke, I guess - it comes off as lousy when read.

No matter, though. SotD should be a killer experience, especially with Mikami's input and what's more than likely going to be a superbly memorable score from Yamaoka (Silent Hill's soundtrack still gives me the chills).

Press release and screens to go below:

EA and Grasshopper Manufacture Announce Shadows of the Damned

Iconic Japanese Developers Suda51 and Shinji Mikami Take Gamers on a Twisted Journey Through a Demented Underworld

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Electronic Arts Inc. and legendary Japanese developer Grasshopper Manufacture today revealed Shadows of the Damned, an all-new psychological action thriller game from executive director Suda51 (director of No More HeroesTM), creative producer Shinji Mikami (director of Resident Evil®) and music composer Akira Yamaoka (sound director of Silent HillTM). Shadows of the Damned follows a demon hunter deep into a hyper-twisted re-imagining of hell where he must rescue the love of his life by defeating the armies of darkness with the power of the light. Shadows of the Damned is scheduled for release in the summer of 2011 on the Xbox 360® videogame and entertainment system and PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system.
"We are excited to finally take the cover off our latest project and invite gamers from around the globe to experience this new, warped world we have created," said Goichi Suda, CEO of Grasshopper Manufacture. "By partnering with EA, a publisher that truly shares our commitment to quality and innovation, we have been able to develop Shadows of the Damned according to our ambitious vision while creating an entertainment property we believe will appeal to a global audience."
"With Shadows of the Damned, gamers will fight for love in the most difficult arena imaginable … hell," said Shinji Mikami, Creative Producer of Shadows of the Damned. "Players will find themselves surrounded by demons set on destroying their heart and soul. Only the strong will survive."
In Shadows of the Damned, gamers will assume the role of Garcia, a hard-as-nails, leather-clad, motorcycle-riding professional demon hunter who finds his true love kidnapped by vengeance-seeking demons. As he explores the farthest reaches of the netherworld, Garcia battles through hell and back, with danger and turmoil around every corner. Throughout Shadows of the Damned gamers will find themselves challenged by demented puzzles and thrust into gruesome battles with vile and deformed creatures that can only come from the darkest recesses of hell. The game features a grotesque, highly stylized art direction that transports players into a grisly world. The entire experience is enveloped with a pulse-pounding musical score by famed videogame music composer Akira Yamaoka, that takes the over-the-top action sequences and intense boss battles that both Suda51 and Mikami are renowned for creating to new heights.
“We are honored to be working with Suda-san and Mikami-san and all of the wonderfully creative minds at Grasshopper. This is one of the most daring and innovative projects in the EA Partners program,” said David DeMartini, Senior Vice President and General Manager, EA Partners. “We look forward to launching this game next summer."
For more information on Shadows of the Damned, please visit the game's official website or follow the development team on Twitter or on Facebook.

We'll have more on Shadows of the Damned as info is released. Time for me to see about getting another Suda 51 interview, as it's been about six years or so since the last one I did...

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