Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sega Launches Dreamcast Classics Over PSN, XBLA

Boom. That's all you need to know, folks.

OK, OK I'll toss in a few details...

Sonic Adventure NOW (and Crazy Taxi in November) available over PSN or Xbox Live are the first two games in Sega's re-master plan to capture the hearts and minds of gamers young and old while keeping that classic Sega flame alive and kicking amongst us hardcore Sega-philes out there. Sega is also promising even more titles are coming soon (yes!) and I'm definitely all for that. I'm gathering The new DC line will consist of Sega-produced titles only, so I'm hoping to see a few racers in the lineup (Daytona USA, Ferrari F355 Challenge) along with Sonic Adventure 2 and maybe even a RPG or two (Skies of Arcadia, anyone?)

As camper von happy as I am, it would be SUPREMELY be nice to also see Sega Saturn classics either in HD (or remade entirely). Shining Force III (AND the Japan only Premium Disk expansion), all three Panzer Dragoon games (and perhaps a port of Orta for the PS3), Burning Rangers (with a much better frame rate) and a few more great games practically DEMAND to be released. Hell, I say release RENT-A-HERO #1 after all these years and see people fall over from shock (I still have a 90% complete build from AIA back when the game was supposed to be released and I actually reviewed it for two separate web sites). What about it Sega?

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