Friday, September 17, 2010

Disgaea 4 Announced (Annnnd... There Goes All My Free Time Forever - And Yours, Too!)

Nippon Ichi continues this week's absolute game-gasm with the announcement that Disgaea 4 is in production and should be ready for stealing hundreds upon hundreds of hours or your lives in 2011. Japanese logo to your left ("Duh!", says Etna) and three pieces of lovely character are below the jump (that Fuka's a real cutie, isn't she?).

There's also a Japanese teaser site for that's been up for a little while, but don't expect to uncover too much about the game just yet should you hop on over for a peek.

Ol' Laharl must be plenty pissed, as he's not in here causing trouble, but I predict he shows up somewhere in the final game (along with a few other well-hidden and not so well-hidden surprises)... More on D4 as news comes in - stay tuned...

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