Friday, September 3, 2010

Valve's "Three Big Titles in 12 Months" Gets Me Speculating...

Gabe Newell intrigues me. He's a nice guy when you meet him in person (as are other Valve staff I've come across - Hi Doug!), but he sure can say some stuff that gets my head spinning. That's a good thing mind you - my head is generally on too tightly these days, so you go, Gabe.

Anyway, the announcement that not only would Valve have three new titles in a year set me grinning and my poor head spinning, the fact that Newell also said the following: "
I can guarantee you people are going to be surprised at stuff we do," he said. "That isn't going to stop any time soon. I'm just laughing because ... people will be shocked again."
made my damn head fall off before I could get a guess in as to just what those three games were. Anyway, it took an hour to find and get it back on the ol' neck, but my head is on straight and I'm ready to put my two cents in on what's coming (or at least, what I'd love to see):

1. Left 4 Dead Complete (PlayStation 3). L4D/L4D2 + all updates PLUS some sort of L4D3 demo, if not L4D3 proper. On the PS3, bay-beeeeeeeeee!

Hell, why not? Given Newell's brutally honest opinion of the PS3 from some years back up to the "shocking*" E3 reveal of Portal 2 coming to the PS3 (one of the best announcements of the show), it just makes sense that after the initial blasting of the console Valve has been tinkering with the hardware and getting used to programming for it.

Note to the rabid PC and/or Xbox 360 fanboys spitting bile on your keyboards about ANY sort of good news for the PS3: At the end of the day, it's a fantastic business decision that makes Valve money, makes Sony money and makes MORE gamers happy to play one of the best co-op games ever. Besides, let's just see if Valve can make these the best console versions of L4D (particularly if they use a new Source engine...hint, hint)

2. Half-Life Episode 3 (PC/Xbox 360/PS3) OR
Half-Life Complete Orange Box (The Orange Crate?)

Why? Again, why not? Episode 3 is on everyone's want list and it's about time that the first game got a proper gussied up remake with ALL the expansion content, the great co-op mode from the PS2 version and perhaps all new areas we haven't seen before in Black Mesa. Even better, some sort of bridge between HL and HL2 that gives us a certain female character and her robotic pet to play around with. I don't give a hoot about multiplayer modes, but for those that want to run about shooting each other in the head, I suppose some sort of innovative online fragging would also get this one an instant and more rabid audience.

3. Unnamed Super Surprise *NEW* IP (multi-platform)

Why? Well, I couldn't think of anything else and a release of STEAM on the Wii or PSP aren't exactly new games announcements (or even profitable, ba dum bum!). I'm thinking that since Aperture Science and Black Mesa are supposed to have some history, a new game where the two technologies collide might be pretty cool.

On the other hand...

Valve might be looking to start something entirely different we're not expecting from them genre-wise. In this case, I'd really prefer to be completely blown away by what Gabe has to say, but this time I'm going to be wearing a hat with a scarf tied around it so me head stays put.

OK, I'm ready for you Gabe.. fire away!

* I wasn't shocked at all - in fact, I let out a happy yelp and just about fell off the couch upon hearing Portal 2 was PS3-bound...

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