Thursday, September 16, 2010

TGS 2010: From Software. Project Dark. Yeah, it's On...

Given the huge critical and commercial success of Demon's Souls, I bet the folks at From are feeling pretty darn happy. Their next big game is the TGS-announced PS3 and Xbox 360 RPG, Project Dark, a title that will probably change as more is known and shown about the game. From what info there was to be unearthed, the upcoming game isn't a direct sequel to Demon's Souls at all, but is still geared to "hardcore" players that crave a true challenge.

As a HUGE fan of From's work since the original King's Field, I love how the veteran developer is finally being accepted amongst Western and European gamers as one of the best console RPG makers currently working. As noted above, Project Dark is currently set for release in Japan sometime in 2011 through Namco Bandai, according to the logos on the teaser site), but the game's Western publishing fate is currently unknown. Given From's new status as a "hot" developer, it'll really be interesting to see just who snaps up the game and what sort of localization and marketing muscle are behind any US release.

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