Thursday, September 30, 2010

Two Worlds II Delayed 'Til January 2011 (And Why I'm Not Worried One Bit)

Hmmmm... Southpeak says the game needs a tad more polish, so it's now headed your way in a few months rather than next week. TopWare says it's more than ready for its closeup, but thanks to a few similarly massive titles, wants players to have enough time to digest those large lunches before their big dinner. Ready... FIGHT!

Er, no (*DING!*)

'd have to say BOTH are acceptable excuses. Read on for my cosmic rationale...

Delays are fine for me if the game is solid as a rock for the extra time. If the final product is as good as it's been looking, fans of the first will be pleased as punch and happy to spread the word about the sequel. As for too many RPGs (or other high quality releases) out during this period, yes indeed. ArcaniA will be in stores soon, Castlevania hits in a few days, as does Enslaved and a ton of other titles that scream for that gaming dollar. The original Two Worlds was a great game with a bunch of flaws, but the sequel has been looking mightier, meatier and everything I've read about it is highly promising. So I can wait (and finish up a huge stack of other games in the meantime).

Besides, the market is incredibly crowded with far too many good games this year and while seeing Two Worlds II (or any other delayed game) at retail sooner would indeed be peachy, seeing it fall short of sales expectations simply because it was ignored for another AAA title (or titles, as it's an insanely big year for great games across all platforms) isn't a good thing for Southpeak, TopWare or any gamers wanting to see everyone succeed.

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