Friday, September 17, 2010

CONTEST! Rude Gameware Wants You to Win FREE Stuff

Full press release below the jump, but here's a chance for you (well, if you live in the U.S. of A.) to win some really cool audio gear from a really cool audio company. Of course, driving anyone crazy with certain types of music may mean you'll be too bruised up to make it to the post office to pick up your winnings, so take care not to try your winning ideas out on anyone exceptionally cranky

Your chance to win is a click away, so click already!

Rude Gameware Announces the
"Drive Your Roommate Musically Insane" Contest
Vote for the worst aural torture imaginable (or come up with your own) and win fabulous prizes.

OMG! You can win all this Rude Gameware Stuff!
Rude Prizes
September 17, 2010 - School is back in session on college campuses across the country, but for some students, the beginning of the school year has already started off on a bad note. This isn't because they haven't gotten the classes they wanted or had to break up with a crush; no, it's because they discovered that they can't stand their roommate.

Well, Rude Gameware has come up with a possible way for students to exact revenge on their annoying co-habitants and potentially win a ton of prizes. Starting today, Rude is launching the "Drive your Roommate Musically Insane" contest, which is searching for the most irritating, maddening and infuriating song possible that could send people screaming from a dorm or reduce them to being curled up in a ball.

Does the sound of Britney Spears' Greatest Hits stuck on repeat for 24 hours at maximum volume give you night tremors? Is the idea of the Macarena mashed up with death metal frightening? Perhaps any collaboration between Taylor Swift and Kanye West makes you want to tear your hair out. While Rude doesn't endorse "field research" by any means, interested applicants are encouraged to vote for the worst musical "attack" possible, or come up with something that is more eardrum shredding. Make your pick or submit your own idea at along with your email and win!

The Grand Prize winner with the wildest torture possible will win a special 'Defense Against Annoying Roomates' package designed to drown out any roommate or music around. This will include a Primal Wireless Headset and Mic for the Xbox 360 as well as a Primal PC Gaming Headset. To compliment and prolong their gaming sessions, the winner will also receive a Fierce Teflon mousepad, a Rude Gamewear shirt and a six pack of Rude Energy Drink (A prize pack worth $210.75). Two Second Place winners will receive a Primal PC Gaming Headset, A Rude Gamewear shirt and two Rude Energy Drinks (Worth $68.90). Three Third Place winners will receive a Rude Gamewear shirt and a Rude Energy Drink (Worth $15.95).

Contestants may enter as often as they want, but all entries must be received by October 4, 2010. For a full list of contest rules and details, head to

About Rude Gameware
Rude Gameware is the newest enterprise launched by a team of gaming industry veterans. Rude Gameware focuses on unique features and functions that are strictly for gamers combined with distinctive style that represents the gaming culture that we've been a part of for over 10 years. For more information on the complete line of Rude products and a list of local retailers, please visit us at

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