Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sort of Breaking News: Earth Defense Force Insect Armageddon Confirmed!*

I was HIGHLY skeptical for about a week or so, but a few pokes around the Internet has pretty much confirmed this. Now, all we need to find out about are who's developing and publishing (I'm thinking Namco Bandai might be involved here), which consoles it's on and if there's going to be an actual retail package (a MUST in my book). I have to run out in a few minutes, but I'll edit this post later or cook up a new one next week on my unrepentant love for the EDF series, Sandlot and the Simple 2000 lineup.

Awesome news - now let's hope it's playable at this year's Tokyo Game Show!

* Well, more or less confirmed, folks. I'm in the process of digging around for actual screens or game footage. GameStop Manager's Conference banner and "official" looking logo on an otherwise empty game page or not, true 100% proof only exists if we can see what the darn game looks like!

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