Monday, August 29, 2011

Breaking Bad Brings A Little RAGE Home Early...

Note: This video features flashes of graphic violence from the game and the TV show. However, if you're watching Breaking Bad, well - you know what to expect.

Bethesda and id sure know how to plan ahead and pull off major surprises, that's for sure. In case you didn't know, there are some major Breaking Bad fans at id and their upcoming shooter RAGE will feature some references to the show that should be well worth tracking down. However, last night's episode of the show (which was shot some time last year if I'm not mistaken) featured Aaron Paul's meth dealer/addict/lab partner/killer character Jesse Pinkman playing the game with a light gun in a nicely done sequence.

Jesse is still sorting through his mental issues brought on by killing someone in order to save himself and Bryan Cranston's alter White from being eliminated themselves by their drug lord boss, but it seems he's still not over the event by a long shot. While playing RAGE as a rail shooter doesn't seem to be part of the plan for the actual game, that sequence still made me want to see the game get Move support or at least a Wii U port in the future. I'm sure it also made some wonder how Pinkman got a copy of an unreleased game, but then again, the show doesn't exactly specify what year its events are taking place in, so perhaps he's playing the game AFTER it's been released (and with a light gun patch).

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