Wednesday, August 3, 2011

White Knight Chronicles II: New, Improved & You Get The First Game Free

With so many big-name RPG's rolling out this fall from a few big name publishers, it's easy to overlook some genre gems coming from unexpected places. D3Publisher of America is also branching into console RPG territory with the upcoming release of White Knight Chronicles II, exclusively for the PS3. The Level 5-developed JRPG features a huge amount of improvements over the original, which has itself been enhanced and added to the package as a ridiculously awesome bonus.

I got to see a demo of the new game at D3Publisher's NYC event and even though the presentation was brief, it was immediately apparent from my experience with the original game that this sequel was of a much better quality. Visually, it looks more attractive, the gameplay is faster paced but still has that fun MMO feel and overall, fans of the original should be more than pleased with the final package. If you happen to have a copy of the first game, yes, your save data will carry over (no having to replay the first game here), but even if you're new to the world of WKC, you can still jump into the new game without having played the original. Granted, the addition of the first game (with enhancements!) is absolutely a reason to dive into both, with well over 80 hours of gameplay waiting in offline play.

Online, it's all up to you how long you'll be playing, but with only a handful of MMO-like experiences on the PS3, I'm sure WKC II will find its audience among the truly dedicated fans who want to eke every drop of content out of their game purchases. In this day and age of lousy economy and some games not delivering much for their price points, D3Publisher absolutely has a winner here, packing two COMPLETE game experiences plus online play on a single disc. Excellent. White Knight Chronicles II is scheduled for a fall release, but we'll keep an ear to the ground for an exact date and get back to you once that drops. Until then, start saving those pennies and get ready for a surefire sleeper of supreme quality.

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