Monday, August 15, 2011

Nintendo Irks Me Again (And Few Other Folks As Well)...

Yes, yes, we know you want Wii U to succeed and you're slowly but surely winding down the number of key first-party Wii releases so gamers can make a smooth, quick transition whenever the new console is launched. However, seemingly PASSING on a US localization of Xenoblade when it's getting a PAL release (with multiple language options as Xenoblade Chronicles) is too much for me to ignore. Here's another game that shows the Wii can indeed to high-quality graphics and sound while also scoring quite high in Famitsu (36/40) AND garnering a nicely sized fan base here in the states and you decide to skip over it? For what? Sure, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword will be a mega-hit and sell like hotcakes, but the Wii NEEDS more than ONE high quality (and long in development) Adventure/RPG worth lining up for. Remember, you even showed this one at E3 2009 (as Monado: Beginning of the World), so even thinking of depriving North America of yet another promised title will win you no love even amongst certain loyal fans who've stood by you through thick and thin...

Dear reader, In case you've never heard of Xenoblade, the first ten minutes of the game are in that video above the jump (as if you didn't notice). Looks pretty awesome, right? Hell, I seriously think that if they're not going to publish this one, Nintendo NEEDS to let some third-party publisher such as Atlus, Xseed, D3Publisher (or anyone who can afford it) buy up the publishing rights and get the game out here ASAP. There are also a few other important JRPG's for the formerly innovative, soon to be deceased (before its time) console on fan radars, but I'd say this one is the most urgent because the translation has been completed and the game is all set to become one of the last big hits on the Wii.

Perhaps Nintendo of America KNOWS this and is remaining intentionally vague in an attempt to copy Atlus' initial negative response to localizing Catherine for the NA marketplace? If so, this sort of annoying habit needs to cease. Just tell us yes or no, as some of the nutty things that fans are doing (making the game temporarily number one in pre-orders on Amazon means nothing if A) it doesn't exist for the NA market yet and B) you don't really intend to BUY it once or if it IS released). In any event, just get on the ball and do the right thing, NOA! At this point, you guys need to start listening to the fans a bit more when you have something they want (rather than coming up with what you think they want, then being disappointed when it doesn't sell as well as you hoped).

...Just a thought..

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