Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Revolution Will Be Televised (Or: I'm Going To Be Pretty Busy)...

I just completed a replay of the PS2 port of the original Deus Ex in record time (well, for me), as my PS3 review copy of Deus Ex: Human Revolution arrived today. Nice. I generally skim through most review guides, but the design plus some of the amusing writing in the guide (sample quote: "DE:HR is not an arcade shooter - there, I said it.") kept me reading until the end. OK, enough yapping - off to install and play so I can get a review done. This is going to be supremely thrilling, that's for sure. Oh, PC gfans - skip buying the game at GameStop if they try to sell you an open box without the OnLive code! You're paying full price for it, so let GS know you should get EVERYTHING that's supposed to come INSIDE the box.

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