Sunday, August 21, 2011

Disgaea 4 Pre-Orders In Full Swing - Which One Is Yours?

Decisions, decisions, decisions! NISA sure isn't making it easy this time out, but no matter which of the three versions of the game you get, a winner is YOU. There's the $50 Standard Edition that comes with the original soundtrack on a CD, but ten bucks more gets you the Premium Edition in a nice box with a softcover art book and a cute Fuka fugurine. If you've got money to burn, you can blow $120 and get the Premium Figure Set which contains the PE box, art book, soundtrack, Fuka figurine AND nine more exclusive Disgaea 4 figures. It's enough to make an indecisive person really, really crazy, I say! Even worse, the pre-orders only go on until September 5 and the game ships out on September 6! Yaaaaah! All THAT and I haven't even mentioned all the cool stuff you can do in this latest installment (that's what the links are for)! I seriously can't decide, but methinks I'll stick with the Standard Edition just so I can eat a lot less cheap rice noodles later. Hey, I can get by on one meal a day if I really needed to...

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