Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I Knew Things Were Shaky In NYC, But This Is Ridiculous...

Yeah, that was a "little" earthquake that tiptoed underneath us for about five seconds. I was doing some writing when it hit, so at least I was sitting down. Other than the slight shaking, NOTHING was knocked over or damaged. Seems that Washington D.C. was hit by a 5.6 and we got a bit of a bumpity-bump from that. This is the third one I can recall since about 1995 here. The other two were very minor rumbles that also got some news coverage, but it seems that they've were based upstate.

This one is getting mega-press thanks to the Internet doing it's stuff and everyone hyperventilating on Twitter, Facebook, et cetera. From what I recall, there's a fault line that runs under City Hall here in the city, so I bet the Mayor is thinking about NOT running for an unprecedented fourth term. Ah, life! OK, off to do some gaming so I can feel a bit more normal. Want to bet some folks in D.C. blame Obama somehow?

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