Sunday, August 28, 2011

CS:GO Trailer Brings Back Memories, Brings In Consoles

Valve's upcoming online shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will not only finally bring the supremely popular game up to speed for today's gamers, the game will also be playable on consoles with the PS3 version getting PlayStation Move as well as USB keyboard/mouse support. Not only will this allow for cross-platform gaming between PC and PS3 owners, it just may put to rest the notion that consoles get the shorter end of the stick when it comes to control. Sadly, Xbox 360 owners are out of the cross-platform loop not because of Valve wanting to piss off that user base, but due to certain Microsoft's policies that probably aren't sitting to well with those who want to see the game playable across anything it can be played on.

If anything, this move makes me respect Valve even more than I already do. While the company railed against the PS3 when the system was launched for a number of issues, they also did the wise thing and tinkered with the hardware to see what they could do with it. The results were the Steam game delivery service being made available on the PS3 along with the amazing Portal 2 (which shipped with a digital copy of the PC game as a bonus). CS:GO and its cross-platform play are to me, another big step in Valve possibly bringing more of its games to PlayStation platforms and PC gamers as simultaneous releases. Can you imagine Half-Life 3 shipping for consoles day and date with the PC version or even better, Left 4 Dead coming to the PS3 and Vita (both versions plus more content in an Orange Box-style package)?

Granted, it'll be hard to top a beefy, blazing fast (and expensive) custom gaming rig with a flawless connection, fancy wireless mouse with superfine settings and a nice monitor. On the other hand, if the game runs fast on the PS3, it'll absolutely be interesting to see how well the competition goes once we start seeing some real matches take place...

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