Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Gamescom 2011: DmC Trailer - Ninja Theory Does It Right (Yet Still Gets No Respect)

Yikes. As much hard work as developer Ninja Theory has done on their upcoming game, diehard Dante fans are doing nothing but pooping on their parade with some of the nastiest comments I;ve seen. Look, kids, the franchise wore out its welcome by the fourth game in the series, so it's obvious that going back to his beginnings when he was a younger less talented punk makes sense. Let's see him as a dark-haired emo kid coming up in the world and discovering his destiny. As anyone who's actually played and enjoyed a Ninja Theory game KNOWS, this team has a way with crafting stories through solid writing and direction as well as innovative action sequences that make their games a blast to play. So, pipe down and at LEAST wait for a demo before you give yourselves embolisms. Then again, clearing out the bile-filled fools from the gamer landscape means a bit more peace and quiet, so if you want to pop all the veins in your head at once, go on ahead. Me, I love what NT is up to and can't wait for some hands-on time...

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