Friday, August 19, 2011

Disgaea 4 & Atelier Totori Trailers Bring That 2D Bliss Home

NISA just can't stop pumping out the sweet and tasty mixture of gorgeous hand-drawn 2D games on the PS3 (keep that flame alive!) and that's how we like it. The latest installments in the ridiculously deep and often supremely hilarious strategy/RPG franchise is well on the way, as is the newest game in Gust Incorporated's magic-making simulation/RPG series. Between the custom map feature in Disgaea 4 (yes!) and the fun crafting and Atelier Totori's mix of adventure, alchemy and classic combat, fans of JRPG's will no doubt be sinking many, many hours into each of these games. Now, where's that time machine so we can find the few hundred hours to sink into these two?

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