Monday, August 1, 2011

Gallery: PopRally Arcade @ MoMA

And here you go: images from the MoMA Event put on by KillScreen Magazine. I'd say the game of the evening was B.U.T.T.O.N., as it had the most people lined of to get in on the mayhem. Seeing a wide range of adults crashing into each other or otherwise rolling around on the floor was absolutely hilarious. I'd say that if the team at CGP had boxed plug 'n play copies of the game for sale with those custom big button controllers for around fifty bucks or so, they'd have sold out before the evening was over. Seriously. I was at the Limbo station starting at 10 and although it was only the demo version, it freaked a few people out while others who figured out how to get the boy to live through the assorted traps wanted to see more (I think I helped sell a few Xbox 360's in promoting the game, so Microsoft owes me a few bucks, I'd say). Many thanks to Gabo and Eddie for the opportunity to help out!

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